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FlyAway Mobile VSAT Antennas

Model 85cm 1098FA FlyAway Mobile VSAT Antenna
Model 85cm 880FA Premium Tri-Band Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna
Model 1.0m 1098FA Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna
Model 1.2m 1098FA FlyAway Mobile VSAT Antenna
Model 1.2m 1248FA Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna
Model 1.2m 1268FA Premium Dual-Band Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna

AvL's Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna systems are compact, highly rugged configurations well suited for world-wide use. 

The unmatched performance and reliability of the AvL fully motorized positioners employing the zero backlash AvL Cable Drive cable drive system guarantee optimum pointing accuracy and pointing stability. No maintenance is required. 

These antenna can be deployed by one person in less than 15 minutes and the one button auto acquisition controller locates and precisely aligns the antenna in all three axis (azimuth, elevation AND polarization) to the required satellite.
The rugged flight cases are designed to provide protection even in the most demanding environments. AvL's experience with antennas providing reliable operation throughout the world and in the climatic extremes with military, broadcast and disaster relief organizations is second to none.
If your requirement is for a rapid deployable fast and easy to use flyaway antennas that can survive rugged handling, guarantee satellite authority compliance and achieve pointing accuracy and pointing stability even in the most extreme conditions then AvL has the solution.