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Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Standard SNG Antennas

1.0m Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Standard SNG/Mil Antenna
1.2m Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Standard SNG/Mil Antenna

Vehicle-Mount SNG Antennas are more precise and robust than mobile broadband antennas. Used for high data rates using high power amplifiers (HPA), they can be mounted on vehicles ranging from a medium SUV to a large box truck.

AvL antennas interface easily with all RF systems and are compliant with FCC and Intelsat requirements for 2° spacing as well as optional models for meeting Eutelsat and Asiasat criteria.
AvL Vehicle-Mount SNG antenna systems offer the following features and benefits:
  • High-precision azimuth bearing
  • Non-load-bearing reflectors
  • Integrated backing structure for minimized stow height
  • Wide booms to allow larger HPA envelope
  • Jog control or fully automatic
  • Auto-acquisition controllers
  • Feed options for Ku, C and L bands
  • RF electronic mounting on feed boom, base of antenna or inside vehicle
  • Aerodynamic cowlings available for some apertures