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AvL Designs for Ultimate Performance

AvL delivers superior mobile satellite communication antenna systems and positioners. AvL's visionary approach to mobile satellite antennas and positioners has established the company as a global leader in innovation and reliability. The product line features a full range of lightweight, rapidly deployable, self-contained antenna and positioner systems. AvL antenna systems enable efficient and cost-effective voice, video, and data connectivity to be established quickly without the need for specialized training.

AvL is also one of the largest producers of high-performance, Ka-band ready, solid carbon fiber antennas. AvL’s growing CF product line includes apertures from 60cm to 3.8m, and our apertures can be configured for case-based or vehicle-mount systems for diverse, world-wide applications.

Our customer service representatives are available by email, 24/7. Our email contact is: service@avltech.com. To learn more about AvL Technologies solutions, call an AvL representative today at +1 828 250 9950 or contact us by email: sales@avltech.com.

AvL Advantage
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Applications & Markets
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