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New DSNG Upgrade by Applied Electronics Limited

February 17, 2016
Thanks to Dave McGinn of Applied Electronics Limited for the photo of this great new truck for Global Edmonton! According to Dave...
Here is our completed DSNG upgrade project for the CITV/Global News Sprinter in Edmonton, Alberta.
The pics show the 1.8m AVL antenna with hub-mounted Advantech 250w KU band solid state power amplifier/block upconverter. (Notably, Advantech is a Montréal company) This state of the art uplink includes the AVL auto-acquire system. Digital encoding is through an Ericsson AVP3000. RF routing is handled via a Frontline Communications custom RF control and patch panel. The RF system was designed by Frontline systems engineering manager Jeff Steele.
The system was installed and commissioned by AEL subcontractor SureLink Communications. Its principal, Jeff Heard (right) is a former Frontline engineer. He is shown with Gerald Cherepuschak, project manager for CITV. The Sprinter was built “DSNG-ready” by Frontline and delivered by Applied Electronics in the summer of 2010. The advance build provides for the antenna mounting plate on the roof rack, additional power circuits and the antenna deployed alarm. That facilitated the all facets of the DSNG upgrade being done at the CITV facility in Edmonton.


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