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New AvL Far Field Test Range Now Operational

March 2, 2016
AvL Technologies has completed the construction of its new state-of-the-art far field antenna test range near its headquarters.  The new 1,600 foot range is now operational and AvL is using it to test a new 2.5M high-wind antenna system.
The new range has a 70 foot source tower with an enclosed platform. The antenna under test (AUT) tower has a lift system for placing new antennas into test position. The range is capable of testing antennas with measurements from L-band through Ka-band and reflectors ranging from 30cm to 9.0M in size.
The range is on land near AvL headquarters - so close that the Source Tower is visible from the plaza in front of the headquarters building. Because of the proximity, the range is in continuous contact with AvL engineering.
The original plan for the AvL range was to use it exclusively for testing AvL antennas, but several customers are already requesting range time.


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